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Life is definitely easy for Mr. Eazi following the release of the long-awaited debut EP, "Life Is Eazi Vol. 1: Accra to Lagos". The year has just begun and Mr. Eazi is already winning.  Life is Eazi Vol 1: Accra to Lagos consist of 14 tracks with 3 bonus tracks and the inclusion of the popular hit single "Leg Over".  With 2016 being a big year for the Starboy label mate, the expectations are high following his success on tracks like "Skin tightSample You, and Dance for Me". Eazi makes a bold statement with the cover art rocking an agbada made of "Ghana Must Go" material while carrying a suitcase. The singer uses the cover art to depict his love and connection to the two places in which he calls home. 

The term which was popularized in 1983 when close to one million Ghanians amongst several other neighboring West African immigrants were forced to leave Nigeria. The evacuation of immigrants was done in retaliation to an order carried out in Ghana when close to 50,000 Nigerians were forced to leave the country.

The album production on this project is pretty small and in-house with the expection of help from MasterkraftDel B, Young John, Killbeatz, and D'Tunes. The remaining production is handled by Legundury BeatzE. Kelly, and Maleek Berry.

The 14 track mixtape  has 8 featured artist. Those being Mugeez (R2Bees)PhynoOlamideDJ CuppyTeknoBig LeanMedikal, and Falz. The featured artist all bringing different styles and elements to the project. 

** - Requires listening / * - Requires no description

**Business - They say too many cooks spoil the broth. If you ask Eazi, he might just agree. Featuring Mugeez 1/2 of the Ghanian duo R2Bees. Eazi sings about a woman whom he is seeing who is hearing a bit of some outside chatter from friends kind of similar to Jay Z in "Excuse Me Miss". It of course bothers Eazi because the outside folks don't see them when they're together spending alone time because it shouldn't be anyone's business nor are they in their relationship.

**2 People - Imagine being with someone so beautiful it's like being with 2 people. In this song, Eazi is experiencing just that. As he sings about a woman he likes that is exceptionally beautiful to the extent it's like looking at two people. Produced by Masterkaft, the beat gives a dancehall vibe that'd make almost anyone want to bust a "Nuh linga" or a "Willie bounce". Everything from the Ghana bounce in the sound to the lyrics is absolute madness. Could definitely see a remix with someone like Shatta Wale or up the dancehall side maybe Vybz KartelAidonia, AlkalineKranium, Mr. VegasElephant ManBeenie man, or Popcaan. If the music powers that be let that happen it would be nuts.

Eazi sings

Take a look at the mirror/ And tell me what you see/ I see a fine girl/ Mirror, mirror pon di wall/ Who be the di fairest

**Accra to Lagos - The decision to go after your dreams is a real journey. Eazi sings about his move to Accra from Lagos to study at university and venture into music. On the track, he makes mention of his mother's continuous prayers for him to succeed, his father's excitement and acceptance of his career path, his sister's initial disapproval and ability to love him unconditionally,  and a girlfriend who provides him peace of mind.

**Detty Yaself (Dirty Yourself) - With a title like "Detty Yaself" the meaning of the song is pretty self explanatory. Eazi sings about "lost girls" with low morals taking part in foreign trips, and doing bad gang activities. Kind of similar to Ajebutter22's 2016 hit "Bad Gang" featuring none other than Falz.

**In the Morning - Produced by Legundury Beatz, the duo provide a cool fusion of SA house with a dash of Fela Kuti Afrobeat element. Don't we all want that perfect someone worthy of seeing every morning. Eazi sings about wanting to share mornings with his woman of interest. Eazi wants his love interest so bad he willing to go as far as flood her mentions and advise her to light him up like an ECG and cover him like news--BBC much?

Eazi sings

Me I no dey like drama/ Me I no dey like drama/ I dey promise you respect and honor/ You got my number/ All you have to do is holla/ Oya let me sing/ When I wake up in the morning and your body is calling/ Straight to you I'll be running/ When I wake up in the morning and your body is calling/ Straight to you I'll be running/ Go be you I go run to/ I'll be running/ You see this your body is causing commotion/ It dey start get attention and flooding my mention/ And I go flood your mention/ Light me up like ECG/ Cover me like BBC

 **Leg Over - Which one is worst the immense powers of "bum bum" or the "JJC (Johnny just come)" treatment he is receiving? Leg Over is the first single off the EP. After months of garnering buzz, Eazi finally released a visual. Leg Over is the tale of a girl who got over on him leaving him puzzled on how such a thing could happen.

Consider this EP to be the soundtrack of the year. The EP you bump to on your way to work, school, the bashment, rave, house party, or club. 14 tracks, 8 features, and 3 unnecessary bonus tracks--Life is Eazi Vol 1: Accra to Lagos is a 4 out of 5. It's fair to say we all knew the project was going to be solid and expected nothing less. From the production to wide range of guest appearances on the EP, Eazi strikes gold creating a seamless marriage between the sounds of Ghana and Nigeria which he executes well. With hints of South African house vibes on tracks like "In the Morning" and "Accra to Lagos" Eazi understands the power of music and the places it can go. Being a citizen of the continent, the use of sounds should not used as topic of war but a mere compliment that we inspire each other despite the many different languages, ethnic groups, and borders that separate us. 

An amazing highlight of the project has to be Eazi's ability to stand out and dominate while on tracks with top acts like TeknoMugeezOlamide, and Phyno to name a few. Eazi plays it smart with his decision to not feature Wizkid on the projectEazi switches up the expectation and goes a different route. Overall, Life is Eazi Vol 1: Accra to Lagos is a great project with exceptional cross-ability both genre wise and region wise. If your into the Ghana bounce, SA house sound, or strictly a Naija sound kind of person there's a little bit of something for everyone. 2017 is off to a good start and the future is beyond bright for Mr. Eazi.

The EP is available for purchase via iTunes / Spotify / Tidal.

*Mr. Eazi will be playing the Playstation Theater in NYC on March 11 Tickets here and playing at SXSW

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